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The Perfect Dahlonega Holiday

Give Thanks Start your Thanksgiving holiday with us on Thanksgiving morning for the Turkey Trot 5K... Read More

Dahlonega: The Ultimate Hallmark Town

Here are a few lists we’re certainly proud to be included on in the last year: Named one of... Read More

10 Golden Reasons Why Dahlonega is One of the Most Historic Cities in America

1. Dahlonega is the site of the first MAJOR gold Rush in the United States in 1829. The Dahlonega... Read More

10 Gift Ideas for Under $10 from Downtown Dahlonega!

Hand-Blown Glass Ornaments: $5.98 or 2 for $10 The Glassblowing Shop, 10 South Chestatee Street,... Read More

North Georgia Has Ten Wilderness Areas: Uh, What’s a Wilderness Area?

With a definition this generic, wilderness areas would exist in most areas of the Earth in small or... Read More

Bring Your Pup & Stay a While!

Dahlonega is one of those towns. You can tell by the number of dogs, well attended by their masters,... Read More

The Kayak Guru Likes Big Boats... and He Cannot Lie!

Essential Kayaking Safety Tips Kayaking is loads of fun, but like all water-based activities,... Read More

Introducing the "Dahlonega Plateau"

It's the first designation for a wine region contained solely within the state of Georgia, and... Read More

7 Things to Remember When Picking a Venue

1. Location The most important aspect of your venue should be location! It's critical to find a... Read More

Why You Don't Want To Miss this Year's 4th of July in Dahlonega

1. First Friday Night Concert - July 3rd Start your day off right by joining us in Hancock Park for... Read More

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