Submit Your Event

Thank you for submitting your event to For events to be considered for a listing on the website, they must occur in Dahlonega and be intended to attract visitors from outside of Dahlonega. Please submit events by the 15th of the month prior to the month of the event. For Live Music events, please submit by the Monday before the event. For questions, please contact

Criteria for Event Submission on the Events Calendar:
All event submissions are subject to an approval process. The DLCCVB retains the right to qualify events submitted and approve or deny based on the criteria.
Event must:
- Be open to the public and out-of-town visitor-friendly
- Be located in Lumpkin County or within 50 miles, in the state of GA
- Make no mention of, or linking to, out of Lumpkin county lodging or offer camping
- Not be a fundraiser, sale, or the like
- Be a scheduled tour, not an “any day or time availability” event submission
- Include an image (image specifications are 640x480 pixels) and full details at time of submission 

- Do not mass delete past events in the Extranet. We would like to keep them in the database
- Recurring events may only stay on’s Event Calendar for 3-month periods.
- The earlier events are submitted – the more exposure! Submit events as soon as possible for maximum exposure. Need help or have questions? Please contact us at

Please note: A permit is required for any fair, festival, concert, performance, show, parade, run, walk, bike, or other publicly attended activity, which is to be held in whole or in part upon publicly owned property or public right-of-way, or if held wholly upon private property, will nevertheless affect or impact the ordinary and normal use by the general public of public property or public rights-of-way within the vicinity of such event. 

More information on required permits in Dahlonega or Lumpkin County can be found here:
Downtown Dahlonega -
Lumpkin County -