It's a rigorous program of practical applications that range from learning traditional and new age marketing strategies, to customer service in the business of hospitality, to planning events and festivals. It's a three-year program, broken up into bite-szie chunks so as to be properly and effectively digested. Students from all over the Southeast spend a week in Dahlonega, trading tourism industry war stories, sharing insights about what works and what doesn't to attract visitors to their communities, and networking against Dahlonega's gorgeous North Georgia backdrop of wineries, gold history and heritage, and a vibrant and award-winning downtown.

Dahlonega and Lumpkin County's local and regional merchants, restaurateurs, wineries, wine tasting rooms and attractions look forward to STS Marketing College each year because students, faculty and staff in the program all understand the value and importance of tourism as an economic driver for a community.

For visitors, be on the lookout this week -- June 24-29 -- for STS students who wear Marketing College lanyards and nametags with pride.