As a result of the new University of North Georgia Convocation Center, the fireworks can no longer be fired from the launch site that has been used previous years. This year they'll be fired off from the guard shack near Papa John's Pizza!



So what does this mean for me?


They're Even Bigger Than Previous Years 


That's right, we've upped our firework game here in Dahlonega! In previous years we have used fireworks listed as a level four, but this year we will be using fireworks marked as level five. Because they'll be fired from a lower elevation than that of the former site, we needed a more heavy-duty firework to ensure that our fireworks will be as impressive as usual. We're very excited about this increase and we hope you are too! 


There Will Be More Parking This Year


Hate parking stress on holidays? We do too! That's why this year's attendees will be able to park in the University of North Georgia parking deck, which means more parking options than previous years. Sounds like a win to us! 


Use the above map to see where the fireworks will be launched from and to decide where to sit this year!