1. The University of North Georgia (in Dahlonega) is one of six senior military colleges in the United States. Name the other five.


2. Georgia is the world’s largest producer of what agricultural product? (careful ... this one is not obvious).

Dahlonega local Tom Lamb and his son Murray have been hosting the weekly Thursday evening trivia fest at Shenanigans for more than six years, jointly coming up with local, regional, national and international brain challenges for crowds that often number in the dozens.
The event at Shenanigans is actually two sessions each night, with an intermission, and participants win prizes of real value (restaurant credit) in each session. Trivia questions are delivered live, teams have a chance to deliberate and decide which answer to submit, and Tom and Murray carefully keep track of right answers and declare the winners.

Monday nights are trivia nights at Spirits but the format is very different than at Shenanigans. Spirits features “DJ Trivia”, starting at 7:30, with questions posted on flat screen TVs around the restaurant – each question accompanied by music (ala Jeopardy). Trivia at Spirits, like Shenanigans, is a team sport and winners also win restaurant credits. In both locations, if you’re not a member of a team, you can easily be adopted by one.

And now for the trivia answers:
1. The other five military colleges in the United States are: Norwich University, in Vermont; Texas A & M University; The Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina; Virginia Military Institute and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

2. Georgia is the world’s largest producer of ... pecans. (Gotcha!)