Dahlonega delivers beautiful scenery, amazing vintners, outdoor adventure, all wrapped up with a charming historic downtown bow.  Dahlonega delivers history, art, cultural integrity, all with a sense of commitment to community and commerce.   Today most of all, though, Dahlonega literally delivers.  In an effort to keep businesses open, residents are choosing to have meals, sundries, and services available for pick up or delivery. Keep these things in mind when wanting to get meals out or shop:

  • Help your neighbors and community. Order from a local business.
  • Maintain all social distancing parameters.
  • Review curbside or delivery options for food. Some stores even have curbside shopping! Always check the website for what’s available.
  • Remember that most clothing and gift boutiques have online ordering with free shipping. Share their websites with others who aren’t local!
  • When in doubt, call or email the business whose services you want to enquire about. Most are willing to adapt to be of assistance.
  • If you’re happy with a product or service, please let others know and leave positive reviews. Also share the website and online ordering services for items that can be shipped outside your community.
  • If you’re normally a regular visitor to Dahlonega, be sure to check and see if your favorite shops and attractions have online catalogs you can order from. That way, you never have to be at home without your favorite things from Dahlonega.

So remember, when your quarantine days grow long, Dahlonega Delivers – to you, your community, and to your devoted visitors…and it always will.