Whether you play an instrument or just like to listen, come out  from 2-5PM! Hosted on the lawn of the newly renovated Gold Museum in our downton public square, the event is centrally located so you can come and go as you please. This event allows traditional mountain musicians to gather to play the kind of music that has been performed here in the Appalachian Mountains for generations. Come meet new people, play your instrument, or just take it easy and have a listen!

You might even want to bring lunch or even dessert from one of our delicious restauraunts to eat! Public benches are available, but why not bring your own lawn chair or stool to gurantee that you'll have a comfy spot of your own? Afterwards, check out our awesome Gold Museum!

This year's Appalachain Jams will continue every Saturday until October 13th, so be sure to come back again!