Other than Rudolph, how do you keep all those reindeer names straight – and who’s your favorite?

I’m a dancer, so Dancer and I get along great! I also love to prance from time to time, so Prancer and I are good buds. Don’t ask me about Vixen – she’s a whole different story!

Do you help keep track of who’s naughty or nice, or is that just Santa’s gig?

Santa keeps track of all that. He knows when you are sleeping, you know. And he knows when you’re awake. So, that’s totally his thing. We just make sure the right girls and boys get the right games and toys.

You spend a lot of elf time in Dahlonega and Lumpkin County – what’s up with that?

I LOVE Dahlonega and Lumpkin County and I spend most of my free time here -- when we’re not preparing for Christmas. I love the beautiful Public Square, the wineries, the waterfalls and the wonderful people here. You may not notice me around because I’m not ALWAYS wearing my Elf uniform – but one of my jobs is to shop for good little girls and boys and I find Dahlonega the perfect place to do that.

What’s your favorite kid reaction when they first meet an elf?

I love the look of delight in their eyes. Wide eyes, like wow!, are you really an elf.? They also like that I’m about their size, especially compared to Santa.

How do adults and those who own businesses react to their first elf meeting?

We have so much fun – especially leading up to Christmas when all the stores are decorated and some stores even have signs that say they’ve been elf-inspected. I find plenty of great inspiration for Christmas gifts and items, and I love reminding others to shop local during this holiday season!

Have you always been an elf – nature or nurture?

I’ve been an elf for as long as I can remember. And Santa, Mrs. Claus and I go way, way back. Elf life is fabulous – I’m always having a good time, enjoying the changing seasons and bring mirth and merriment to everyone I meet. Just like Santa.

What are most kids asking for Christmas this year?

A lot of kids are asking for high-tech toys these days, but some have gone back to the old standards. I like the ones that don’t say “some assembly required” – those really slow down our pace on Christmas Eve.

Do elves buy Christmas gifts for the big boss – and what do you get the “jolly old elf” who has everything?

The thing is Santa says he really doesn’t need anything. He has a great place at the North Pole, with pretty much everything anyone needs, but the one thing he insists on is cookies and milk – so we bake a lot of cookies and we pour a lot of milk on Christmas Eve. Thank goodness we get a lot of help from thoughtful parents who often leave out cookies and milk for Santa, his reindeer and elves like me.

What’s your favorite part of a Dahlonega Christmas?

The stunningly beautiful Public Square with its hundreds of thousands of lights, the wonderful live music performances, the giving that takes place in Dahlonega and Lumpkin County for those in need during the holidays and the shopping and dining! We elves love to shop – and we LOVE to eat! There are very few places as special as Dahlonega and Lumpkin County all year long but especially during the holidays!