1. Location

The most important aspect of your venue should be location! It's critical to find a spot that is convenient for all of your guests. The more central the location, the more likely your guests will attend!


2. Time of Year & Weather

The best-laid plans can be ruined by rain, snow, or unusually hot or cold weather. What season are you planning for? Have a good idea of what the weather can typically look like during that time of the year!  


3. Handicap Accessibility

Make sure everyone can have an amazing time by ensuring that your event will be accessible for all! Do any of your guests require assistance? Does the venue have ramps and designated handicap parking? If your event is outdoors, is it accesible for a wheelchair? Talk to your venue to make sure your event is inclusive! 


4. Parking

Parking can be stressful for even the most laid-back guests! Try to make parking as smooth as possible by planning out the details. Will your guests be parking on the grass in a field or in a paved parking lot? Will there be a charge for parking? Ask your event venue these questions and see what you can do to make parking as efficient for your guests as possible! 


5. Contingency Plans

The best way to avoid disaster is to plan for everything! Be sure to have a contingency plan for rain or other bad weather! When selecting your event venue, keep in mind how it would function in the rain. Consider venues with both indoor and outdoor spaces to provide you with some flexibility in case the weather turns against you! If you feel strongly about hosting a completely outdoor event, talk to your event venue about renting a party tent. That way you have a way to keep your party dry if it rains.  


6. Lodging

Will any of your guests be traveling to your event and need lodging? Talk to your venue about where your guests can stay nearby! Sometimes you can even receive a discount by going through the venue. 


7. Transportation

If you have guests flying in from out of town, you should talk to your venue about transportation! Many venues have relationships with transportation companies, and can assist with arrangements for collecting and shuttling guests from airports and hotels. Coach buses, passenger vans, and town cars can easily take the worry out of the equation, especially if your guests will be consuming alcohol at your event!


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