Join this Dahlonega favorite as they celebrate the anniversary of announcing their intentions to record their first album, 'Lil' Bear" and launched their Kickstarter campaign to help fund it. With the support of fans and community members, Ugly Cousin was able to meet their $10,000 goal to record their much anticipated album. Saturday night listeners will kick back to some "ugly" music and celebrate the night that began this talented band's journey to producing and releasing "Lil' Bear."

You’ll recognize the music as bluegrass, but the preference is to call it “string music with bluegrass and folk roots.” Again, no worries – just enjoy the outstanding Gaddis brothers, Roman on mandolin and Derrick on guitar, dobro and vocals; Patrick Chisholm on fiddle; Adam Rambin on bass; and Erick Jones, whose resonant vocal tones give the band a centerpiece for most of their music.


Ugly Cousins band members are all natives of Dahlonega – ‘Nuggets’ as locals often coin themselves - who all grew up around a variety of music. However, there is a clear and ‘golden’ thread of traditional music woven throughout their repertoire.

Both age old favorites and well-honed originals incorporate a half dozen genres of music, with the veryrelevant subject matter of much of their original music reflecting on small town life and the trials of living in the ‘new depression.’

Bottom line – this band is awesome.

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