Shrek – the movie was great, sure. Michael Myers did a pretty cool Scottish brogue as Shrek, Eddie Murphy’s Donkey was hilarious, especially the bray laugh, and Cameron Diaz was lovely, even animated. Believe it or not, Dahlonega’s Holly Theater rendition of Shrek the Musical is just as good or better and the brilliance of excellent directing, fine acting, wonderful music and a remarkable – and enormous -- ensemble cast makes this a performance not to be missed. Your last chance to see it is this weekend – August 5-7, with Friday and Saturday shows starting at 8, and a Sunday matinee at 2.

Shrek is your classic fairytale story of ogre meets girl, with the usual fairytale twists, including a talking donkey and a three-foot-tall prince (the costuming for Lord Farquaad alone is worth the very reasonable price of admission). It helps to have 6 foot 6 Patrick Rose cast as the play’s main character, Shrek; and Heidi Rider, is perfect (with her perfect pitch) as Fiona. The rest of the cast is fun and enthusiastic and the energy throughout the play is incredible. There’s never a lull or a dull moment.

Insider tip: after the play, stay outside under the marquee for the cast members to come out to meet their fans and families. Even if you don’t know anyone, you’ll feel like you do, and it’s like the best party you’ve seen.