All of these and more will be featured at the Holly Theater in Dahlonega, starting this weekend and stretching through October. They’re tribute bands, of course, (Elvis has definitely left the building). But these are all accomplished musicians who have nailed the look, feel, tenor and tone of their namesakes and the shows are all polished and professional.

The Holly Theater in downtown Dahlonega is a historically restored and acoustically exquisite venue that seats an intimate crowd of about 300. The Holly is walkable to more than 60 shops and 15+ restaurants on the Historic (and award-winning) Dahlonega Public Square. Dahlonega is a short drive to extraordinary scenic Blue Ridge Mountain backdrops, with gorgeous natural features like rushing waterfalls, and some exceptional (manmade) wineries that are getting quite a lot of attention these days.

The Holly, celebrating its 25th year, is also the setting for a full schedule of live theater productions, and an award-winning children’s theater program that’s set to head into full swing in a few weeks.

Tickets for concerts and plays are available online at the Holly’s website. Holly Theater Dahlonega

Rock on!!