The amazing new ‘must see’ visitor attraction will feature all new enticing displays of Dahlonega’s gold-related history and heritage, with state-of-the-art transformations of the historic attraction in each room on both floors.

Visitors will view one-of-a-kind scrims with views through to a diorama (think live theater), new state-of-the-art panels and unique exhibits. The intention is to allow visitors to walk through each area of the museum, actually experiencing the impact of how gold first was discovered in Dahlonega, as if you were there.

Displays reenact life as it was 1836, when gold was discovered and visitors will also be able to view rare and valuable Dahlonega coins from all sides.

A fascinating and redesigned gift shop is filled with various items to help you remember and make a visit more meaningful and memorable.

Admission fees are only: adult $8.50, senior; $8.00 youth $6.00 (6 to 17 years of age); and children 5 and under are free.