The First Friday Night Concert Series runs every year from May to October. On the first Friday night of the month Hancock Park sparks to life with local tunes and beats. Talented artists take the stage while music lovers sway, or sit and relax, on the lawn. Music radiates throughout Hancock Park for all to enjoy, and one can just tell that the night is something special.

On June 1st, Dahlonega the second First Friday concert of the season will feature Southern Accent, playing some  good ol' country/southern rock. The band next up to hit the stage on July 6th is Radford Windham + Stepback Cadillac. This native band sprouted in 2012 and has continued to grow its roots in Dahlonega ever since. Hancock Park is in for a night of acoustic folk and southern rock with this band on the platform.

On August 3rd, the spotlight will shift over to singer-songwriter Kurt Thomas. Kurt Thomas will return to his hometown and deliver a classic country concert that will make everyone in Hancock Park feel right at home.

The First Friday Night Concert Series will continue to rock and roll into September with Ugly Cousin performing on the Friday, September 7. Ugly Cousin is a local band that will treat Dahlonega to a mix of acoustic, folk, bluegrass, and Americana melodies.

To wrap up the season on October 5th, Drunk on the Wind will perform a pure gold concert in Hancock Park. Hailing from Clarkesville, Georgia, Drunk on the Wind is a band that’s going to sweep all those who listen off of their feet.

Dahlonega is a town that appreciates music. While the First Friday Night Concert Series is a key musical outlet in Downtown Dahlonega, there are many more. Downtown restaurants, such as The Crimson Moon, provide a platform for local artists to come and express their passions. Even the Square itself provides a place of harmonic opportunity through the Dahlonega Appalachian Jam. The Jam echoes music throughout the Square every Saturday seasonally, May through October.

Next time you hear a tune humming around the Square, follow it and indulge yourself in its rhythm. Music brings people together, and Dahlonega is the perfect host.